Optimize your VAT management in Luxembourg with our tailor-made services. Registration, periodic declarations, training and coordination with the Luxembourg tax authorities: we support you every step of the way.


Pegasus Services offers comprehensive VAT expertise for companies operating in Luxembourg.

Our tailor-made services cover all your VAT needs, from registration/cancellation to coordination with the Luxembourg tax authorities. As VAT specialists, we handle your periodic and annual returns, as well as the preparation of the necessary summary statements.

Our team also assists you in determining the most appropriate VAT status for your company, taking into account your national and international activities. We are at your side to solve international and cross-border VAT issues, providing you with precise and personalized advice.

In addition, we offer training to help you better understand the complex aspects of VAT and optimize your tax compliance.

With our «One-stop shop» approach, we simplify your procedures by grouping all your VAT needs under one roof.

Entrust us with your VAT management and benefit from a professional, responsive, and compliant service.

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