Entrust the social and HR management of your company to Pegasus Services in Luxembourg. From drawing up payslips to recruitment, we accompany you on a daily basis. Contact us now to free up time and focus on your core business!


As an entrepreneur, social and human resources management is an essential aspect of the success of your business. At Pegasus Services, we understand the importance of surrounding ourselves with good employees and we offer our expertise to support you in all your HR procedures in Luxembourg.

Our dedicated team assists you daily in your role as a manager, providing you with availability, responsiveness, and personalized advice. We offer a full range of services to simplify the administrative and legal management of your staff, including:

  • - Drawing up payslips following Luxembourg legislation
  • - Drafting of employment contracts to guarantee the legal security of your relations with your employees
  • - Business returns for the employer at the Social Security Centre (CCSS)
  • - Entry and exit declarations of employees and self-employed persons to the Social Security Centre (CCSS)
  • - Processing of declarations of illness and claims for reimbursement of financial compensation advanced by the employer
  • - Assistance in the application of aid for the hiring of unemployed persons
    - Payroll withholding tax returns to ensure tax compliance
  • - Recruitment support services to find the best talent for your business
  • - HR consultancy to help you optimize the management of your human resources
  • - Monitoring and coordination with the Luxembourg authorities to ensure the compliance of your HR practices.

With Pegasus Services, you can now focus fully on your core business, with peace of mind, as people management is no longer a concern.
Contact us now to benefit from our expertise and free up time for the development of your business!

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