Optimize the management of your accounting in Luxembourg with Pegasus Services. Benefit from expert support, from accounting to assistance during audits. Contact us now for a 100% digital customer experience!


Pegasus Services Luxembourg is your trusted accounting partner in Luxembourg. Our multilingual team offers personalized support in all your accounting procedures, with a focus on digitalization for an optimal customer experience.

We offer a full range of accounting services, including:

  • - Bookkeeping, whether on our accounting software or your remote software
  • - Establishment and filing of annual accounts following legal requirements
  • - Drafting of minutes of ordinary & extraordinary general meetings to ensure transparency and legal compliance of your operations
  • - Assistance during audit missions to ensure the reliability of your financial data 
  • - Financial analysis, business plan development, and dashboards to help you make informed strategic decisions 
  • - Opening and managing bank accounts, preparing payments for efficient management of your financial cashflows 
  • - Support in your merger, spin-off, sale/buyout projects to secure and optimize your operations
  • - Business valuation to help you determine the true value of your assets

Our solutions are adapted to the specific needs of commercial companies, independents, VSE & SMEs, holding companies, as well as the private equity, real estate, unregulated funds and securitization sectors.

We provide you with a fully digital customer experience, supporting you in the implementation of zero paper for a more efficient and ecological management of your accounting.

Contact us today to benefit from our accounting expertise and thus optimize the financial management of your company in Luxembourg!

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